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Sal from Electric Frankenstein here.

I am launching a special EF fanclub newsletter. It will come out monthly and will feature EF news each month, and first choice access to EF items such as cds, shirts, posters, skateboards, toys, amd more!

These items will be either hard to get EF items available for sale one time only OR items exclusively made for the fanclub. Items will be payable via Paypal
or special arrangement with me via money order, checks, etc..

So, if you want to join the fanclub, enter the email address that you want the newsletter to go to into the box at the bottom of the page.

Remember, for a limited time after receiving the newsletter each month, a rare or exclusive EF item will be made available ONLY to subscribers and no one else. Items will include foreign cds, singles, out of print releases, special posters, and future skateboards, toys, books, and so on.

Also, as a BONUS, a super rare EF item will be auctioned off at certain times. Please join to not only keep up with EF news (lots of exciting new things happening!)
AND get a chance to grab some really cool and super hard to find EF items exclusive to the fanclub! You'll never have to go searching through Ebay again for rare EF stuff, you'll have things that won't be there!

AND, that's not all!
Our sponsors are giving CASH prizes from hundreds to thousands of dollars to randomly picked subscribers! It costs nothing to subscribe, but you have a chance to win $13, $130, $1,300, even $13,000 for simply joining as a subscriber! The more subscribers, the higher the cash prizes! (So, if you are smart, you will help EF gets lots of subscribers, whether they are EF fans or not, they can join just to get the CASH prizes!) No Bullshit!

ONLY subscribers to the new EF fanclub newsletter will be able to find out what EF secrets before the public. So, as a subscriber, you will be able to jump the gun on the record buying public!

AND, subscribers to the EF newsletter will be also be able to get EXCLUSIVE EF albums that won't be available to anyone else!

If you think this is all a joke, think again.

Something big is happening that will change a lot in the music business, something that changes the models that it has been operating under for decades.

AND, EF has been picked by a select group of people as the force to usher it in and maybe make the final nails in the major label's coffin! A select groups of insiders have gotten involved that approached EF be the first to change all the rules.

Be there or you lose!

Sal - EF

And, don't worry, your email address stays only with me, it doesn't get used by the sponsors.

They have nothing to lose and free money to gain!
The MORE subscribers, the higher the cash prizes will be.

Also, people will win posters, Lucky 13 clothes, skateboards, the EF art book, toys, and lots more!

So, I'll give a prize to whoever can get the most new subscribers in one month too!

It's all part of a new model to destroy the past and bring in the future.
Over time, you'll find out more, only if you subscribe!!!

Sal - EF

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