1. EF Theme 7" (USA: Mint Tone 1994) Steve Miller on vocals
OUT OF PRINT, Only 1,000 made
Cover art by Sal C.
EF Theme
Fast & Furious

2. A Sweet Sickness EP 7" (EUR: Demolition Derby 1994, DD 020)
Steve on vocals
OUT OF PRINT, Only 1,000 made
Cover art by Sal C.
Rise And Crash
We Are The Dangerous
Too Much For You
A Sweet Sickness

3. It's All Moving Faster 7" (USA: Punkrock Records 1995, PUN-005)
Steve on vocals
OUT OF PRINT, first 1,000 on green vinyl, 2nd printing on black vinyl
Cover art by Sal C.
It's All Moving Faster
Coolest Little Monster (with Zacherle)

4. New Rage 7" (USA: Exit Records 1995, EXIT 2)
Steve on vocals
OUT OF PRINT, first 1,000 on blue vinyl
Cover art by Sal C.
New Rage
Home Of The Brave (originally by Naked Raygun)

5. Electrify Me 7" (USA: Junk Records 1995, JR#1)
Steve on vocals
First 1,000 black vinyl, 2nd print red vinyl
Cover art by Sal C.
Electrify Me

Just Like Your Mom (Vox Pop cover)

6. Get Off My Back 7" (USA: Junk Records 1995, JR#2)
Steve on vocals
First 1,000 black vinyl, 2nd printing on green vinyl
Cover art by Sal C.
Get Off My Back
Face At The Edge Of The Crowd

7. Deal With It 7" (USA: Sonic Swirl)
Steve on vocals
First 1,000 have different sleeve
Cover art by Mike Sonic
Deal With It
Monster Demolisher
8. Action High 7" (USA: Intensive Scare Records 1996, IS-#6)
Scott Wilkins vocals
Only 2,000 printed, black vinyl, first 1,000 included a EF logo fridge magnet.
Cover art by Sal C.
Action High
Out There

9. Not Wit U 7" (USA: Get Hip 1996, GH-196)
Scott on vocals
first 500 on green vinyl
Cover art by Cliff Mott!
Not Wit' U
Pure & Simple

10. Devil Dust 7"-picture disc (USA: Devil Doll/ One Foot Records )
Scott on vocals
first 1,00 have special outer picture sleeve Cover art by Dan C. & Sal C.
Devil Dust
Right Now!
11. Clockwise 7" - (USA: Junk Records)
Scott on vocals
clear vinyl
Cover art by Tim Lastfogel
Frustration (Crime cover)
12. Live EF 7" - (USA: Reptilian Records)
Scott on vocals
First 500 copies on Green Vinyl -
Live single from "I Was A Teenage Shutdown" on Estrus Records
Teenage Shutdown
Demolition Joyride
13. Queen Wasp 7" (EUR: Demolition Derby 1997)
John Steele on vocals
1,000 on clear vinyl
Cover art by Sal C.
EF Stomp (instrumental)
Queen Wasp (Misfits cover)

14. Blackout 7" (Victory Records)
Rik L Rik on vocals
first 500 on green vinyl
Cover art by Wheez!
A Singer's Blood (aka "Naked Heat")
15. Imperial Void 7" (Victory Records)
Rik L Rik on vocals
first 500 on purple vinyl
Cover art by Sal C.
Imperial Void
Used to Know
16. Rocket in My Veins 7"- ( Estrus Records 1998, ES 7123)
Steve Miller back on vocals!
green vinyl / Pink vinyl
Cover by Art Chantry!
You're So Fake
Rocket in My Veins
17. Up From The Streets 7" - (USA: Sin City Records 1999)
Steve on vocals!
green marbled vinyl
Cover art by Mark Devito
Up From the Streets
Razor Blade Touch
18. I'm Not Your (Nothing) 3 song 7/cd" - (USA: Victory Records 2000)
Steve on vocals
Cover art by Spine & Wheez,
I'm Not Your (Nothing)
I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk (The Tubes cover)
Right on Target (live version from 4/98 show at Continental NYC)
19. EF 2000- TKO 7" - (USA: TKO Records 2001)
Steve on vocals.
Just Can't Kick
Takin You Down
20. EF 2000 - Get Off 7" - (USA: Scooch Pooch Records 2001)
Steve on vocals.
Cover art by Cliff Mott.
Get Off
3rd Generation Nation (Dead Boys)
21. Safety Pin 7" (Spain: Safety Pin Records, Spain 2001) Steve vocals
Tattoo Vampire (Blue Oyster Cult cover)
The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover)

22. Perfect Crime 7" (USA: Sub Pop Records, USA 2001) Steve on vocals.
Perfect Crime
Nail It Down

23. NY Knights 7" (TKO Records USA 2001)
NY Knights
Already Dead

24. Waxx 7" (Waxx Records USA 2001) Steve on vocals.
Sick as a Dog
(Aerosmith cover)/
Sex & Dying in High Society (X cover)


25. EF Tribute to the Ramones & Dead Boys 7" (Ghost Highway Records Spain 2012) Steve on vocals.
Blitzkrieg Bop, Chinese Rocks (Ramones covers)
Ain't Nothing To Do, Third Generation Nation (Dead Boys)


1. split 7" with Hellacopters (EUR: Frank Records, 1997, Frank 004)
3 different vinyl colors, 100 brown, 900 purple, 500 black
Cover art by Nicke of Hellacopters
It's has been repressed (hot pink and other colors) and the cover adjusted.
Learn To Burn
Born Wild
2. split 7" with L.E.S. Stitches (USA: Devil Doll Records) Steve on vocals.
We are the Road Crew (Motorhead cover)
3. split 7" with Crispy Nuts (female Japanese Ramones band) (ITALY: Kill Yourself/Rockin Bones Records) Rik L Rik on Vocals.
Savage (Fun Things cover)
4. split 7" with Gluecifer (EUR: Frank Records 1998, Frank 008)
2 different vinyl colors, 100 grey trsp., 900 yellow
Cover art by Marthin Björnlund of The Rockets. Steve Miller on Vocals.
Long Way Down
5. split 7" with Le Shok (USA: Know Records 1999) Steve Miller on Vocals.
Monster Boots
6. "Happy Fuckin Halloween" double split 7" with Candysnatchers, B-Movie Rats, Street Walkin Cheetahs (USA: Reptilian Records 2000) Steve on vocals.
Art by Johnny Garcia. First 500 have special Halloween bag.
Graveyard Dragstrip
7. split 7" with Pushrods (Wood Productions Finland: 2000)
Backs Against The Wall
8. split 7" with ADZ (Killer Release Records Germany 2000)
Neurotic Pleasures
9. split 7" with Thee STP (Italy: Hangover Records 2000)
Porno Girl
10. split 7" with The Strap-Ons, The Fux, and Moral Minority
(USA: Valient Records 2002)

Rip It Apart

11. split 7" with The Ghoulies (Sweden: Big BongoRecords 2003)
Finished from the Start
12. split 7" with IronBoss (Sweden: Bootleg Booze Records 2004)
Wild in the Streets (Garland Jeffreys cover)
Tear it Down

13. split 7" with Dog's Bollocks (Germany: No Balls Records 2004)
Room Service (KISS cover)

14. split 7" with ANTISEEN (USA: TKO Records 2005)
Burn Bright Burn Fast (original demo version)

15. split 7" Fuck You Up and Get Live with Streetwalkin Cheetahs, Bulemics, Hellside Stranglers, Spitfires, and Candysnatchers (USA: National Dust Records 2005)
Sweet Baby Arrogance (live)

16. split 7" EF and Friends with Ironhead, Rocket City Riot, and Strap-Ons
(Germany: No Ball Records 2005)

My Distraction

17. split 7" with Ironhead (USA: Conformist Records 2005)
Spit It Out

18. split 7" with White Barons (USA: Champagne & Cocaine Records 2006)
Sweet Baby Arrogance (live)

19. split 7" with Valdez (UK: Deadcity Records 2007)
Rock City Rocks

20. split 7" with Dollhouse (France: 442eme RUE Records 2004)

21. split 7" with V8 Wankers (Germany: Stereodrive Records 2007)
Ranting, Raving, & Rocking (NEW unreleased song!)

22. split 7" with Bordells (Germany: No Balls Records 2007)
Fired Up for Action
Satellite (Sex Pistols cover - live)

23. split 7" with Maximum R&R (Canada: Maxrr Records 2009)
Life in Rewind

24. split 7" with The Kung Fu Killers (Germany: No Balls Records 2011)
Out There (F-Word cover song)

25. split 7" with The Bonitos (USA: Little T&A Records 2013)
Never Say Die (Black Sabbath cover song)

26. split 7" with The Chainsaw Hookers (Australia: Desert Highways Records 2013)
Who's Watching You

27. split 7" with The Dead Vikings (Japan: Bees Kness Records 2013)
Dead-On Beauty

28. split 7" with Hell's Engine(USA: Speed Freak Records 2017)
Neurotic Pleasures

29. split 7" with Zombie! (USA: TBA)
Everybody's Dead Again