1. The Time Is Now 10" ep (EUR: Nitro! nov 1995, NITRO005)
Steve Miller on Vocals
Out of print, was limited to 1000.
Teenage Shutdown
The Time Is Now Superstar
Right On Target
I Want More
Demolition Joyride - Demolition Derby

2. Sick Songs 10" ep (USA: Get Hip, 1997)
yellow vinyl
Cover art by Rob Orzechowski
Action High
I'll Be Standing (On My Own)
Born Wild
I Wish I Could
Learn To Burn
Back At You
Out There (originally by F-Word)

3. Fractured 10" EP/CDEP (EUR: V&V Productions 1997)
EUR version of USA Spare Parts LP/CD on Get Hip mastering and cover art (by Samoa of Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black) differs from US-version "Spare Parts".

Devil Dust
Right Now!
Your Emotions (Dead Kennedys cover)
Man's Ruin
Borneo Jimmy (Dictators cover)

4. Monster 10" EP/CDEP (AUS/USA: Au-Go-Go 1998)
Rik L Rik on vocals
Limited edition 6 song EP for first printing. Only 1,000 copies
Cover Art by Mad Marc Rude!

Naked Heat
Savage (Fun Things cover)
Imperial Void
Used To Know
Queen Wasp (Misfits cover)

5. Listen Up, Baby!: (Man's Ruin label 1998) 10" EP/CD
CD is split with the Hookers
limited to 2,000 copies, with Steve on vocals and special Frank Kozik cover!
Listen Up, Baby!
Neurotic Pleasures
Hostage Situation
Social Infection
Takin' It All
(CD has 2 extra songs: Rocket in My Veins and You're So Fake (from Estrus single)

6. Sod the Odds! TSB Records 2000 10" EP/CD (UK only)
Steve on vocals
(vinyl has 4 songs, CD has 8 songs)
Let's Sin
Shut Your Hole
Rock N Roll is Dead (Rubinoos cover)
Runnin with the Boss Sound (Generation X cover)
Porno Girl (cd)
Welcome to My Town (cd)
Monster Boots (cd)
Bad Reputation (cd) (Joan Jett cover)

7. Ace's High - EF split with Briegel (10" EP - Killer Release records Germany 2001)
Aces High (Iron Maiden cover) + 3 live songs

8. Electric Frankenstein Meets Muddy Frankenstein (CD EP - Myrmecoleo Records, Japan 2000 )
EF songs:
1. A Fistful of Rock
2. Neurotic Pleasures
3. Blackout
4. Action High

9. EF split with Supersuckers (CD EP - Music Cartel Records USA 2002)
1. Sweet Baby Arrogance
2. Rip It Apart
3. Good For Nothing
4. Not This Time
5. She's My Bitch (Supersuckers cover)

10. EF split with EL NADA (CD & Vinyl 12" EP - Finger Records USA 2003)
1. Leave It at That
2. Something Weird
3. Make No Mistake
4. 501 Blues (El Nada cover)

11. EF split with Jed Whitey, Iron Boss, & The Puppies (CD EP - Out of the Loop Records Australia 2003)
1. Tear It Down
2. Who's Watching You
3. Sweet Baby Arrogance
4. Super Kool

12. EF split with Bad Dog Boogie (CD EP - Nicotine Records Italy 2003)
1. Make No Mistake
2. Dead on Beauty
3. Hate Machine
4. Not For Sale (Girlschool cover)

13. Super Kool - Halloween EP (CD EP - VMS Records USA 2004)
1. Super Kool
2. Who's Watching You
3. Tear it Down
4. My Distraction
5. Injected
6. You Can't Keep a Bad Man Down (Nomads cover)
7. Satellite (Sex Pistols cover)
8. Never Say Die (Black Sabbath cover)

14. The Birth of EF! Original EF songs from 15 years ago with Frankie Orlandini on vocals, John Caton on Drums, Jim Foster and Sal on Guitars, and Dan on Bass - THE earliest version of EF! (CD EP - Crosscheck Records USA 2005)
1. Am I Dangerous
2. Carnivorous Priest
3. In Twisted Mind
4. Stomp
5. Makin the Grade

15. 4 Those About to Rock split EP (CD EP - Stereodrive Records, Belgium 2007)
with The Chuck Norris Experiment / Electric Frankenstein / V8wankers / The Whocares.
1. Lie to Me
2. M
y Distraction
3. M
ake no mistake

16. Electric Frankenstein tribute to The Ramones and The Dead Boys 7" EP (Spain: Ghost Highway Records 2015)
various Ramones and Dead Boys songs (live recordings):
1. Blitkrieg Bop
2. Chinese Rocks
3. Ain't Nothing to Do
4. Third Generation Nation

17. Metallic Punk Rawk KO - Fleixdisc & CD EP (Italy: AUA Records 2018)
various Punk Rawk style bands:
1. Electric Frankenstein - Taking It All
2. Kung Fu Killers - Shock Xpress
3. When I Was Dead - Annihilation Street
4. The Thing - How I Rose from the Dead (and So Can You)
5. Maggott SS - American Living
6. Voice of Doon - Black Death
7. The Nolan Gate - Pegasus
8, DoomCharge - As Leeches Gorge (Like Dying Stars)