1. Step On A Crack, Volume 2 LP/CD (Go-Kart Records) Teenage Shutdown

2. Ox Compilation #23 CD (with German magazine Ox) Right On Target

3. Punk Dwellings CD (Dwell Records, 1996) Clockwise Frustration

4. Seventeen And A Half Is Still Jailbait LP/CD ( Nitro! 1997, NITRO007) Frustration

5. Betty's Hot Rod Muscle Car 7" Volume 10 (Comes with magazine Carbon 14, Carbon 14 USA, #10, 1997) Teenage Shutdown

6. It Comes From The East LP/CD (Intensive Scare Records 1997, ISLP-#1, ISCD-#1) Deal With It

7. 'Half-Assed, Will Travel' LP (Perineum/ Anyway, 1997) Monster Demolisher

8. D.F.F.D. A Tribute to the Dictators Vol.1 LP+7"/CD (Roto, RTL-205, 1996) Borneo Jimmy (on the 7" and the CD)

9. Son Of Slam Chops CD (Triple X) It's All Moving Faster

10. RAFR Vol II CD (Flipside Records, FLIP 97, 759528-009728, 1997) I Wish I Could

11. 7" in the latest issue of Rational Inquirer magazine 1998 Right Now

12. What We Were Fighting For - Dead Kennedys Tribute CD (Know Records 1998) Your Emotions

13. Estrus Record Benefit Compilation ( Man's Ruin 1998) Learn to Burn

14. Smells Like Spring 2 - LP/CD (Intensive Scare Records 1998) Back At You

15. Nervous Breakdown fanzine comp 1998 Teenage Shutdown

16. Old Scars and Upstarts: LP/CD comp LP (Distaster Records 1998) Used To Know (Rik L Rik on vocals)

17. The Second Coming LP (Frank Records 1998) EF Theme (different version - Scott vocals)

18. Loose Drive: RPM Rock N Roll Sampler (Spain: RPM Records 1998) Demolition Joyride

19. Ox Magazine: comp 2 LP/CD (Germany: OX magazine 1998) New Rage (different version - Scott vocals)

20. Drunk on Rock comp CD (USA: I-94 Recordings 1998) I Want More

21. Victory Style III CD (USA: Victory Records) Right on Target

22. Victory Singles CD 1998 (USA: Victory Records) Blackout A Singer's Blood/Naked Heat Imperial Void Used to Know

23. "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be" AC/DC tribute LP/CD (USA: Reptilian Records) High Voltage

24. Motorhead tribute LP/CD (USA: Victory Records) We Are the Road Crew

25. Clash Tribute CD (USA: Dwell Records) 1977

26. Rocky Horror Show tribute LP/CD (USA: Dead Duck Records) Over at Frankenstein's Place

27. Iron Maiden tribute LP/CD (USA: Meteor City Records) Aces High

28. I Love Metal 1980'sHeavy metal Tribute LP/CD (USA: Triple Crown Records) Not For Sale (Girl School)

29. "A Fistful of Rock N Roll" Volume 1 (USA: MIA/Tee Pee Records) Speed Girl

30. "NY's Finest Volume 2" (USA: Kado Records) Neurotic Pleasures (alternate mix) Sex and Dying in High Society (X cover)

31. Know Records sampler (USA: Know Records) Welcome to My Town (original version)

32. Devil Doll Records Charity CD (USA: Devil Doll Records) Devil Dust

33. UPCOMING: X tribute LP/CD (USA: Devil Doll Records) Sex and Dying in High Society

34. UPCOMING Circle Jerks tribute CD (USA)
Wild In the Streets

35. UPCOMING: Dead Boys Tribute (Reptilian Records) Son of Sam

36. Junk records sampler Going After Pussy (Junk Records 1999) Electrify Me and Get Off My Back

37. Junk Records sampler Straight From the Gutter (Junk Records 2000) Rock N Roll is Dead (Rubinoos cover)

38. Right in the Nuts Aerosmith Tribute (Small Stone Records 2000) Sick As a Dog

39. TKO sampler "Punch Drunk (TKO Records 1999) "Takin You Down"

40. TKO sample Punch Drunk III (TKO records 2001) "Already Dead"

41. This is American Punk (American Punk Records 1998) "Get Off My Back" and "Face at the Edge of the Crowd"

42. Monster Party 2000 (MuSick Recordings 2000) "Already Dead" (different mix)

43. Burning Hearts Records compilation (Burning Hearts Sweden 2001) NY Knights

44. Victory Style 4 (Victory Records 2001) Nail It Down