1a. I Was a Teenage Shutdown: WFMU Session I, 4/25/96)
Picture Disc LP (EUR: V&V Productions) limited 3000 pressing on picture disc
Cover art by Sal C.

1b. I Was a Teenage Shutdown: (WFMU Session I, 4/25/96) LP/CD (USA: Estrus)
Scott on vocals
New Cover by Art Chantry!
Teenage Shutdown
All Moving Faster
Rise and Crash
New Rage
I Wish I Could
EF Theme
Right On Target
Demolition Joyride

2. How I Rose From the Dead . . . WFMU Session II 5/7/98 LP/CD (One Foot Records)
Steve on vocals
Devil Dust
Action High
Rocket In My Veins
Right Now
Deal With It
Neurotic Pleasures
Time Is Now
Get Off My Back
EF Theme

3. Live at Court Tavern NJ 7" - ( Munster Records) - Spain) with Rik L Rik on Vocals yellow vinyl - Gatefold sleeve
Do the Nihil
I Got Power
Out There

4. It's Moving! It's Alive! - Live at the Continental NYC - 1997 (Igor Records) Scott on vocals

5a. Me No Like You! - Live at Euclid Tavern, Cleveland Ohio- 1998 (Sonic Swirl Records), Limited edition (2,000 copies) bootleg. Steve on Vocals

5b. Live, Loud & Angry - Live at Euclid Tavern, Cleveland Ohio- 1998 CD (UK: TSB Records), Steve on Vocals First 1,500 copies come with free "best of EF" cd

6. EF split with The Grinners, Live at La Taf (Speed Records France 2000)
1. Action High
2. Rocket in My veins
3. Right Now
4. Deal with it
5. Neurotic Pleasures
6. I Don't Know How to Stop You
7. Just Like Your Mom (Vox Pop cover)

7. An Evening With EF single - Live at Blue Bird, Denver CO (Feag Records, 2000)
1. Up from the Streets
2. I'm Not Your Nothing
3. Right Now