These compile the Time Is Now 10" with 1st two 45s, different cover art, song order, and mastering for Europe and USA versions:
1a. The Time Is Now CD (EUR: Nitro! 1995, NITRO005)
1b. The Time Is Now LP (EUR: Nitro! 1996, NITRO005)
First printing on black vinyl, second printing on clear vinyl
1c. The Time Is Now CD (USA: Nesak/Kado, 1997) OUT OF PRINT!
Cover art by Rob Orzechowski
1d. The Time Is Now CD (USA: One Foot, 2000) OUT OF PRINT!
Cover art by Alan Forbes - features 2 extra songs and a video.

Steve Miller on Vocals
Teenage Shutdown
The Time Is Now
Right On Target
I Want More
Demolition Joyride - Demolition Derby
EF Theme
Fast & Furious
Rise & Crash
We Are The Dangerous
Too Much For You
A Sweet Sickness

Extra tracks:
Long Way Down
High Voltage (AC/DC cover)

2a. Conquers The World CD (USA: Nesak/Kado 1996) OUT OF PRINT!
2b. Conquers The World LP (USA: Get Hip, 1996, GH-1048)
a singles compilation - different cover art on vinyl LP first 1,000 black vinyl, 2nd printing purple vinyl.
2c. Conquers the World CD (USA: One Foot, 2000) OUT OF PRINT!
Cover art by Alan Forbes - features 2 extra songs and a video.

Steve Miller on Vocals
Cover art by Dan C.
It's All Moving Faster
Electrify Me
Just Like Your Mom
New Rage
Deal With It
Home Of The Brave
Monster Demolisher
Face At The Edge Of The Crowd
Get Off My Back
Coolest Little Monster

Extra tracks:
Razor Blade Touch
We are the Road Crew (Motorhead cover)

3a. Sick Songs CD (USA: Nesak/Kado Records 1997, 19829-2) OUT OF PRINT
3b. Sick Songs CD (USA: One Foot, 2000) OUT OF PRINT!
Cover art by Alan Forbes - features 2 extra songs and a video.

Scott Wilkins on vocals
Action High
I'll Be Standing (On My Own)
Not Wit U
Pure & Simple
Born Wild
I Wish I Could
Learn To Burn
Back At You
Out There (originally by F-Word)

Extra tracks:
Frustration (Crime cover)
I Wish I Could (Original version from compilation)

3c. Action High LP/CD (UK: One Louder) OUT OF PRINT
Cover art by Savage Pencil!
Action High
I'll Be Standing (On My Own)
Not Wit U
Pure & Simple
Born Wild
I Wish I Could
Learn To Burn
Back At You
Out There (originally by F-Word)
Frustration (originally by Crime, bonus track for the English only)

4. Spare Parts LP/CD (USA: Get Hip 1998)
Full-length 10 song USA version,
Scott Wilkins on vocals
mastering differs from EURO version - "Fractured" (10" EP).
Cover art by Derek Hess!
Devil Dust
Right Now!
Your Emotions (Dead Kennedys cover)
Man's Ruin
Borneo Jimmy (Dictators cover)
EF Stomp (instrumental)
All Moving Faster (live version)
Rise & Crash (live)
Superstar (live)

5. Rock And Roll Monster LP/CD (AUS/USA/EUR: Au-Go-Go 1999) OUT OF PRINT
By popular demand extra songs added - full length version - with different cover art!
Rik L Rik on Vocals
Naked Heat
Savage (Fun Things cover)
Imperial Void
Used To Know
Queen Wasp (Misfits cover)
I Got Power
Do the Nihil
Out There

6. How To Make A Monster (Victory Records LP/CD 2000) OUT OF PRINT
with semi-nude photo of Julie Strain as Bride of Frankenstein
Cover art by Coop!
I Was a Modern Promethious (Intro)
Cut From the Inside
Speed Girl
Use Me
Feel The Burn (Chronic)
Don't Know How to Stop You
My World
Up From the Streets
Pretty Deadly
I'm Not Your Nothing
Something for the Pain
Phatty Boom Batty

7a. Dawn of Electric Frankenstein (Triple X Records CD 2001) OUT OF PRINT
Cover art by Cameron Stewart (animator for Batman Beyond)
Unreleased EF songs from 1993
(Also songs by Crash Street Kids, Kathedral, & The Thing)
song titles are:
EF songs:
1. Live For It All
2. Never Gonna Get It
3. Lie To Me
4. One Last Show
5. Ruin You

Crash Street Kids songs:
1. Subway Suicide Boy
2. Not My Sin
3. Nowhere
4. 21 Dead

The Thing songs:
1. Kiss the Sun
2. Austere Precautions
3. How I Rose from the Dead in My Spare Time
4. Blu 4 U

Kathedral songs:
1. Mistress
2. Desperado (Alice Cooper cover)
3. Evening Fear
4. Descending Wish

7b. Dawn of EF Picture Disc vinyl version (Reptilian Records (USA) 2002
cover art by Cameron Stewart and Spine.
Features only EF songs:
1. EF Theme
2. Live For It All
3. Never Gonna Get It
4. Lie To Me
5. One Last Show
6. Ruin You

8a. Don't Touch Me, I'm Electric (TSB Records - UK 2000 )
produced by Phil Caivano (Monster Magnet)
1. Already Dead
2. Fistful of Rock
3. Hate Machine
4. Third Generation Nation (Dead Boys Cover)
5. I Just Can't Kick
6. Annie's Grave
7. My Father's Son
8. Not For Sale (Girlschool cover)
9. Get Off
10. Graveyard Drag Race
11. 1977 (Clash cover)
12. Takin You Down
13. Backs Against the Wall
14. Don't Touch Me, I'm Electric (Bill Nelson's Red Noise cover)
15. We are the Road Crew (Motorhead cover)

8b. Annie's Grave (Victory Records - USA 2001) OUT OF PRINT
Different version of Don't Touch Me album same songs except has live version of Perfect Crime and videos of Hate Machine and Already Dead instead of Clash, Girlschool, and Red Noise covers.

9. The Buzz of a 1,000 Volts (Victory Records - USA 2001) OUT OF PRINT
produced by Ben Elliot
1. The Mess
2. Dead on Beauty
3. Resurrection City
4. Prey For Me
5. NY Knights
6. Dead By Dawn
7. Super Sonic Nation
8. Bite Down on Me
9. Death Dealer
10. Can't Let Go
11. Finished from the Start
12. American Lies
13. Cocaine Blues (TP Arnold/Johnny Cash cover) CD only

10. Listen Up, Baby! - TKO Records - USA 2003
produced by Sal Canzonieri
Album length re-issue of Man's Ruin Record, with extra songs.
1. Listen Up, Baby!
2. Neurotic Pleasures
3. Hostage Situation
4. Social Infections
5. Hammered
6. Takin' It All
7. Rocket in My Veins
8. You're So Fake
9. Perfect Crime
10. Nail It Down
11. Rock N Roll is Dead (Rubinoos cover)
12. Final Damnation
13. Crank Action

11. We Will Bury You! - TKO Records - USA 2004
produced by Sal Canzonieri & Kevin Lacatena
Double Album of all cover songs from past 10 years!
1. Wild in the Streets (Garland Jeffreys)
2. High Voltage (AC/DC)
3. Out There (Rik L Rik, F-Word)
4. Not For Sale (Girlschool)
5. Sex & Dying (X)
6. Borneo Jimmy (Dictators)
7. Savage (Fun Things)
8. Your Emotions (Dead Kennedys)
9. 1977 (Clash)
10. Just Like Your Mom (Clash)
11. She's My Bitch (Supersuckers)
12. Frustration (Crime)
13. Platique (DRI)
14. Ace's High (Iron Maiden)
15. I was a Punk Before You (The Tubes)
16. Home of the Brave (Naked Raygun)
17. Runnin with the Boss Sound (Generation X)
18. The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)
19. Third Generation Nation (Dead Boys)
20. Sick as a Dog (Aerosmith)
21. We are the Road Crew (Motorhead)
22. Rock N Roll is Dead (Rubinoos)
23. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)
24. Tattoo Vampire (Blue Oyster Cult)
25. Frankenstein (NY Dolls)
26. Bad Reputation (Joan Jett)
27. Cocaine Blues (TP Arnold/Johnny Cash)
28. Don't Touch Me, I'm Electric (Bill Nelson's Red Noise)
29. Over at Frankenstein's Place (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
30. Queen Wasp (The Misfits)
31. Coolest Little Monster (Zacherle)

12. Dead & Back - (USA) 2004 - EXCLUSIVE! BUY NOW
produced by Sal Canzonieri
1. Sweet Baby Arrogance
2. Rip It Apart
3. Good For Nothing
4. Not this Time
5. Leave It at That
6. Make No Mistake
7. Something Weird
8. Super Kool
9. My Distraction
10. Tear It Down
11. Who's Watching You
12. Injected

13. Burn Bright, Burn Fast! - TKO Records (USA) 2005
produced by Sal Canzonieri - Cover art by Basil Gogos, back cover art by Neal Adams, and insert and enhanced disc art Johnny Ace & Kali Vera!!!!
1. Burn Bright, Burn Fast
2. Everybody's Dead Again
3. Fired Up for Action
4. Gone to the Other Room
5. Spit It Out!
6. Just For You
7. Hey! (Kiss Your Life Goodbye)
8. New World Whore
9. Life in Rewind
10. Electric Misery
11. Rock City Rocks
12. Talk, Talk - Music Machine cover
13. Moving Targets - Flo & Eddie cover
14. Candy-O - Cars cover

14. Electric Frankenstein / Hip Priests split Album - (USA: Zodiac Killer Records CD) 2011
Germany: No Bollocks LP 2012
1. Blow It Up
2. Not Me
3. Pretty F.N. Dangerous
4. Young Savage (The Hip Priests cover song)
5. Rocket Ride (Ace Frehley cover song)

15. Electric Frankenstein / The Cheats split 12" EP (Vinyl LP - Screaming Crow Records, 2013)
1. I Feel So Lonely
2. Frankensong

3. That's All I Need

16. Electric Frankenstein / Thee Eviltones split LP "Apocalypse Party" ( Portugal: Sonic Beat Records LP) 2017
Germany: No Bollocks LP 2012
1. She's Gone
2. Perfect Crime
3. You Killer (Thee STP cover song)
4. Spit It Out
5. Satellite (Sex Pistols cover song)

17. Electric Frankenstein NEW Album - (USA: Electric Frankenstein Records) 2018